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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Business Transaction misleading data capture in AppMon 6.5


incorrect-captured-hit.pngHi Team,

We have created a business transaction based on method argument
in which first parameter of the argument is IP and second is
port.We need to create BT which gives us count of transactions
on that particular IP and port.

Let us consider one scenario in which we created two measures
based on method argument value :

Method name : getProccessSocket()

First method argument : xxx.xx.81.246 (measure 1)

Second method argument : 5165 (measure 2)

So the business transaction made by adding measure 1 and measure
2 with logically AND condition should be capable of capturing
all hits having method getProccessSocket() invoked with IP
xxx.xx.81.246 and port 5165.

Also note that method getProccessSocket() is occurring multiple
times in a single pure path with different IPs and ports. Hence
the above mentioned BT is also capturing incorrect data with
method getProccessSocket() having IP xxx.xx.81.246 and port 5161
in its first occurrence and IP xxx.xx.81.179 and port 5165 in
its second occurrence in same pure path.

The above mentioned BT works properly when method
getProccessSocket() invoked with only once per pure path. If
getProccessSocket() invoked multiple times in a single pure path
then BT captures all hits with different IP and port

Please suggest us to resolve the problem.

Kindly find below snap of incorrectly captured hit.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I think this is a symptom of misunderstanding how a BT is created. BTs are always calculated per purepath so that is why when you only have invocation of the method it works and otherwise it doesn't, unfortunately I'm not sure of a good solution with in App Mon itself. The one thing I would look at trying is calculating the number of invocations for each splitting and that may get you closer to the numbers you are looking for.


Thanks @Kyle K. We tried this but it doesn't works in our case.

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Harish P.

Did you try with the checkbox 'Only analyze first method occurrence per PurePath' in the business transaction?




Hi @Babar Q.

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

Please find below snap which contains method getproccessSocket()
occurring twice in a single pure path. First occurrence contains
IP xxx.xx.153.132 and port 4001 whereas second occurrence contains
IP xxx.xx.81.246 and port 5165. If we create BT with 'Only
analyses first occurrence per pure path' then it will check only
first occurrence whereas the required IP and port comes in a
second occurrence.purepath-with-two-ip-port.png