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Business Transaction or alert to detect SocketTimeoutException for External Web Request

I am trying to create BT (and later alert) for the web requests that occur within the PurePath tree.
The app server interact with other different external hosts and we sometimes get Time out exception in return value (as in snapshot).

So I created BT that contains Time/Count measure for different URI. I am able to get PurePath where these occur but I want only purepaths where the response time of the external service exceeds particular threshold (30 or 60 sec) or wherever I get SocketTimeoutException exception in return value.
I am not aware of any ways to achieve this other than to instrument this. Since this is a generic method and might have high overhead in Production, so I cannot instrument it either.

Is there any way I can define custom BT for this requirement?

(PS. I tried PurePath Response Time - Upper Threshold > 29 sec. But that is metric of entire PurePath and it does not works.)

Please help. Thanks in advance.



You're very close to done. When you create a measure as you have with your Time measure above (first screenshot) out of the context of a PurePath, it doesn't show the threshold configuration. But if you edit the system profile and look in the measures dialog for your created measure "Time ..." you will find that you can edit the threshold there, and then add it to the filter of a bt or condition of an incident. Hope that helps.

Rick B

aright, missed that point.

@Richard J.. Boyd Thank you. I further would like to know how do I add this to Error Rule to make custom rules for each.


I am also facing this kind of issue where I have created the measure on time of that method and defined the threshold but sometimes due to some other issues services from external sources gives me timeout. so defining the threshold will not work in this issue.

Also this method is too generic and filter this issue required regex which may cause overload on server. So I tried to define the error rule in which I failed.

Can anybody help me to define the error rule that comes in return value of method.