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Business Transactions Reverse Track


Hi All,

Some of the BT configures long back is not giving any output.

1.How to troubleshoot why there is no count, response time coming.

2. Is there anyway to find for what web requests and web services those BTs created. When I drill down those BTs no web services or web requests coming.

3. I want to prove at least those BTS are not hit even once really (May be the urls and user actions are no more existing)

4.The configurations are bit complicated so functional team also failed to find for what they are configured.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M



Hello @Karthikayini M.

You should edit the BT having the described issue to know the measures have been used inside the business transaction and then plot a chart to know the count of those measure in the live scenario.

Once you are done with this exercise then you can share the results to seek more help and advises from others also.




Hello Karthikayini,

To check if BT is working or not you have to plot your BT as chart and check when your BT stopped working/ capturing data (you can only check this if your BT result is stored in Performance Warehouse).

Check what logic is used for BT, filter/split/result calculate, then edit your measure to see the class/method & its value used to capture data.
Also check if that class & its method is available in Method dashboard. If yes then need to rework on you BT.
Is there any regex used for BT? What metrics is used for your BT.