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Business Transactions Splitting grouping



I have created
several BT's with splitting criteria (i.e: methods from EndPoint, Soap Actions
defined by Header Values, etc). As there are a lot of splitting results, I had
to restrict results and here the problem comes. If I limit the Splitting
criteria to a Minimum Contribution (5%), in the result I find the hateful
<..>. As I am creating alert to
Operations team I need to avoid "<..>" result. Do you know how
to aproach this?

Thanks in advance.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Using any form of restriction on the number of splittings (which is necessary if you have a BT configuration that will result in a lot of splittings) is almost certain to include that aggregated <...> result as this is where PurePaths are grouped that do not match one of the other splits. To decrease the number of PurePaths that are grouped there though you can change the minimum contribution percentage to a smaller number (say 2%) so that fewer PurePaths are needed in a given set before a new splitting group is added to the results. Of course you should be careful with this as this will result in quite a but more splits (and thus measures) that need to be stored in the performance warehouse if you have the BT configured to store results there. To completely get rid of the aggregated <...> you would need to turn off any splitting restrictions but this would mean you would not want to store it in the performance warehouse (to avoid measure explosion) yet storage in the PW is necessary to create incidents off a measure/BT so this would not work for you.