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Business transaction - How do I get the distinct amount of occurrences and plot in a graph

Hi all,

I built a BT to show the users logged in my customer's site using a session attribute as split to do that.

It's working well and shows the amount of requests, Resp time, etc. per login. It's perfect!

But the customer wish to know the amount of different logins that appeared on the site in the last five minutes, for example. This is for give him an idea of how many simultaneous users are logged in determined interval.

Although be possible to see this information when I click onto a line result of a business transaction, the customer wish to see this value presented in a graph.

May someboy, please, help me with this?




The easiest way would be to create a chart and populate Concurrent Visits measure under User Experience Management\Visits\Concurrent Visits.

You can either split by your application (multiple sites) or no splitting (single site or only interested in the totals)


Hi Jason, Thank you!

do you know any other way to do that without use User Experience? This is because It's possible to have visits not logged and I can't to count.



Hi Reginaldo,

You could use the Business Transaction Row Count Plugin ( Create a dashboard which shows the splits, and point the plugin at that dashboard.

Hope this helps,

Kin Wai

Thanks Kin,

It worked!