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Business transaction consisting start time of the transaction


Hi team,

Is it possible to capture the start time of the transaction (Purepath Dashlet column) in the business transaction.

Just to give a summary, got client requirement in order to capture the URL and the Thread ID for the transaction which are taking response time more than the threshold. In order to get that created a business transaction for the same with splitting as thread Id and the URL for the same (Thread Id we are getting from a method return value, for information).

Now getting add on request to capture the start time of the transaction in that Business transaction as with the help of thread Id splitting we are getting unique transaction every time i.e. its count is always one.Is it possible to get the start time in the business transaction column or in the splitting column of the business transaction. Tried the results section of business transaction but was failed to get the same.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

No, even though you can configure a BT to capture only 1 PurePath per splitting it still by design is intended to be capturing groups of PurePaths so there is no way to include a start time column so you wouldn't be able to do that directly.

As an alternative you can either just drill down directly to PurePaths which is the only location that will have a start time you're looking for or have a PurePaths dashlet and use your business transaction as the filter on it so that you are only looking at PurePaths that fall into your filter. You could include your BT as a dashlet as well.

Also as a side note or in case anyone else reads this in the future - when splitting on something like thread ID or anything that is going to be unique to transaction it is best to turn off storage in the performance warehouse within the business transaction to avoid measure explosion where too many measures are written to the performance warehouse.