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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Business transaction does not collect method argument value (accessor)


I would like to chart argument value accessor (size of collection) which is used in persist method. I created measure, I ticket to capture argument of this method through its accessor (.size()). But Im not able to see it in business transaction dashboard. I guess my measure is not correctly set up. Can you help?



Hi Vaclav,

remove the "Argument value" in the "Calculate Results" section - you don't need it there, as you cannot make mathematical operations on an argument.

Then you should look in the correct column when looking at the data of the Business Transaction. As I can see on your screenshot "business-transaction.png" you are focussing on the "Argument value" column, however this is referring to the measure in "Calculate results", which should be removed as said. Thus, check the column "Splittings" (I think the fourth column from the left), there your argument value should be visible. This is where all measures/arguments are presented when added in the "Splitting" section of the Business Transaction.

One more Point: Make sure you perform a Hot Sensor Placement (for Oracle JVMs available), after you created the sensor and ticked the box "capture argument", so it gets rolled out in the bytecode of the JVM.

Best regards

Thanks for the answer! What shall be in splittings then? Important is my measure right? But how can I be sure that in that column is my measure and not for example agent, application or any other item added in splittings? Second how can you be sure it is not getting just object (collection) and not its accessor .size() which I am currently looking for?

Ok sorry, I should better read 🙂 I misunderstood what you are trying to achieve. You actually do not need anything in the Splitting except Application. In the calculate results it is correct that you have the Argument value measure there but in the Argument value measure, but make sure that the "Evaluation" in the measure is set to "Numeric value". From your screenshot "java-coll.png" I can see it is still on "String value". Then the column Argument value can only be 1 (Default) as the .size will not be evaluated as a number, but as a string. For Aggregation I would go for "avg" or "max", as I think you want to Chart the size in average (or Maximum?) per interval.

No problem, we sometimes missread 🙂 I will try that. I want to chart maximum. Actually best would be if I can somehow easily do that it will calculate exec time per single transaction (taking exec time/argument value) and charting this. Actually I can only plot as dual chart or?

Second how can I delete actually stored business transactions in performance warehouse? I can only delete measures right now.

What is purepath response time?purepath-respons.png Is this time of execution of the method which argument is kept or not?