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Business transaction with filter request count less than X


I would need some help how to create business transaction based on logic when request count is less than X.

The background is that we are monitoring system where some wending machines are sending keepalives every 10 seconds and every machine has identification identity which one we are using as business transaction splitter. We would like to have business transaction which would just filter machines which ones haven't sent the keepalive let's say on the last 5 minutes.

Just haven't got my head around how to make this 🙂


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Janne,

A filter with count less than X is just a count measure with the Lower Severe threshold set to your X. However, you need that count within a specific timeframe (5 min).

I would suggest creating an incident for this. You will need the Business Transaction you already created: filter on keepalive request (upper threshold = 1 so each request is taken into consideration), a copy of this filter measure in the Results section (aggregation set to count, lower threshold set to 30 (that is 1 request every 10 seconds for 5 minutes)), and the existing splitting on the machine name/id. Then you can create your incident, for a 5 minute timeframe, with the BT's results measure, against its 30 threshold, aggregation also count.

When the incident fires up, you will be able to right click, choose details, and see a list of all machines which did not receive 30 keepalives in 5 minutes.

Is this a valid option for you?



Hi Radu,

First of all thank's for you suggestion and forgot to say that I got the incident part covered up earlier which one works like a charm.

But what I really would wanna archive that I could make an business transaction which would only show the machines which ones haven't pinged on last 5 minutes so we could use that one in Web Interface as an list of machines which are down currently or make some traffic lights of those.

The incident is a good start but maybe not enough in this case and in this case we really wanna use the web interface to fulfill the needs of the technical individuals who are responsible taking care of the machines from business perspective (really, don't wanna go on the road where I would need to suggest the lovely client interface for them since we have separate parties to dig the much deeper information trough it and for business the client can be quite scary one).