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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

CB CRM Sharepoint Replicator


Hi Team,

I am assisting with a Dynatrace AppMon deployment into a CRM and Sharepoint application. We have been able to agent the IIS front end applications and the Sharepoint Components without issue.
The issue we have hit is installing agents into the CRM back end.
We configured the agent to monitor several of the CRM Processes. When we attempt to restart the processes they all fail to come back up.
The only difference this has to a normal CRM Implementation is that they have CB Replicator running with it. Which is replicating permissions between CRM and Sharepoint.
Has anyone had any experience monitoring a CRM set up like this?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Kyle, Can you provide a bit more detail on any error messages, status codes, etc?

One possible cause of this is that you're running it as a Service on Windows. Windows Services normally are allocated 30 secs to startup and if they've not completed startup in this period, then they're abandoned and terminated. When you add the .NET agent to a process, it increases startup time and perhaps you've simply pushed the system over the 30 sec limit. There's usually a nice message in the event log indicating this condition.

To resolve, you'll need to define a Service Startup value greater than the default 30 secs. I don't remember the Windows parameter, but hunt around.

If this does not give you any relief, any logs, AppMon Agent logs, messages, Event logs would be helpful. Don't just dump them here, look thru them for any nuggets that are relevent.



Awesome we've tested that and increasing that time has worked like a charm


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the idea.
I've found the config we'll need to change but I'll have to wait for server administration to get back to me before I can try that.
The error that we get is that the service takes to long to respond so it does seem to indicate that you're right.