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CDN (Akamai) with UEM for PTC Windchill


Hello Guys,

I would like to have your thoughts on a specific subject.

My customer is running a PTC Windchill environment with dT agents already installed thanks to our partnership with PTC. He is also using an Akamai CDN for this application.

He would like to have visibility on all page actions, including those which are entirely cached by their CDN. He acquired UEM for that.

Could you please describe what we are able to see, particularly in these cases :

-Pages are entirely cached by AKAMAI. Nothing is going to the web server,

-Pages are partially cached but some content is sent through AKAMAI to the web server.

If we are able to provide metrics, I would be interested in knowing how. Is this through thirs party content metrics ?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Serge,

You can use dynaTrace UEM with CDNs, the question comes down to is the CDN filled in batch (requires manual injection) or through an app server (should work - they just need to make sure our monitoring signal and cookies do not get lost in the CDN). Internally we also have a nice presentation (and video with from PM) in the technical FAQ here.

The problem is that with PTC the customer has no control over the delivered pages and cannot do the static injection of the JavaScript agent needed if their CDN is not filled dynamically but in batch.

I guess since you ask that question - what issues have they run into?

Best, Roman

Hi Roman and thanks for your answer.

At the moment, we don't have a problem as dT is not deployed yet in their environment. My question rised as I was recently told that we do not support CDN, which bothered and surprised me.

This is reassuring. Still, can you describe me how we would display our results regarding CDN in the two cases I described ?

-Pages are entirely cached by AKAMAI. Nothing is going to the web server,

-Pages are partially cached but some content is sent through AKAMAI to the web server.

Thnaks a lot (smile)

  • Entirely cached: They would need to modify the page that gets put on the CDN, technical details are in the documentation. In addition they need to make sure that the signals back from the agent (/dynaTraceMonitor) are correctly forwarded to a web server with a dynaTrace agent.

  • Partically cached: If the initial page itself is sent to the web server we can inject the agent there. Visibility into the CDN would be through third-party-detection.

Best, Roman


Thanks Roman.

Hi Roman,

I am not bale to access Link to technical FAQ, provided by you. Can you pls give me work around.

In our case, multiple visits are getting combined into single visit. Suspect is dtCookie which is same for all users in combined visit. I need help to what settings needs to be done on CDN so that cookie won't be cached and first request would be served by Origin. Note: CDN is Akamai.


Harsh Patel

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Harsh, here is the link to the documentation in AppMon 6.5: