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CDN for User Actions


Hi all,

When I click a button, a page is loaded and its user actions correlated are click on "Confirm" on / webapp / wcs / stores / servlet / CabinSelectionView click-on-transaction-flow.jpg click-on-purepath.jpg, but CDNs are not captured. These CDNs and Third party are captured only if I refresh (f5) the page and ts user actions correlated are Loading of '/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CabinSelectionView' loading-purepath.jpg loading-transactio-flow.jpg

Is this a configuration problem? How can I get that click to catch CDNs?



Hello Lazaro,

Something that you can try is entering the system profile settings -> User Experience -> application tab -> Domain Settings (under W3C Resource Timings). In the Domain settings you can control the CDN settings for UEM. You can check to see whether your CDN is mentioned in the list and if it isn't you can add it. If it is, then you can try moving it higher in the list via the arrows on the side to give it a higher priority.


David Nicholls

Hello David,
thanks for your answer,I know that setting (currently it's default)domain-setting.png
With browser developer tools I see CDN requests when I click on "confirm"click-onbrowser-tool.png, but are not tracedclick-onue-dyna.png only if I refresh the page loading-of-details.png

Precisely I'm not a developer, so I'm trying to understand if it's an application or UE configuration issue