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CI: Dynatrace into MSBuild with feedback to TFS


For a customer we have instrumented the MSBuild agents which run the unit tests. So we have purepaths of the tests inside dynatrace and a nice view via the "test automation" dashlets.

Next, we are going to include the MSBuild tasks to add meta-data to the different test runs.

But, I wonder if there is a plugin or a way to get this data back into TFS. So we can "mark a build as failed" when dynatrace detects regression. I know that there is a plugin for Jenkins to do this, but does TFS have something similar? Or are there workarrounds for that?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Bert

Thanks for posting this to the forum. We just had an email exchange about the same topic. Right now we do not have a plugin for TFS but we encourage people - just as yourself - to build plugins for other buildservers using our REST APIs. In the email you mentioned that you are "up for the challenge in case you find time" 🙂 - I hope you find the time. As always - happy to give you insights and answers in case you struggle with the implementation.

Thanks for being a great community contributor!


A few months later:

Better late than never 🙂