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CPU Idle Time and I/O Wait Time spikes to more than 100000%

For the case of CPU I/O wait time spikes to more than 100%, I might still be able to comprehend/have a guess of what's going on:

but what's bothering me is that when I create a custom chart to look at the CPU metrics historical data, the CPU idle time is also showing the same magnitude as the CPU I/O Wait:

Can anyone tell me what does this (CPU Idle is 100000%) implied? Batch Job? I/O Slowness on the server machine? or what?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

For me this looks like a bug and I would either install the latest update to 6.5 if you're not on it already or contact support so they can look at this.


Support Ticket Opened for this CPU-Goes-to-Few-Million-Percent-Issue,