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CPU Sample action at Host incident


I want to configure a CPU Sample session when Dynatrace reports an unhealthy CPU for certain hosts.

Via Settings -> Servers -> Infrastructure -> Alerts, I have created a specific alert on CPU unhealthy of a certain host group.

An action is linked for the CPU Sample, but I need to provide the agent. How can I configure this, so it takes a certain agent based on a fixed name but only of the host that is in trouble at that moment?

I could configure such Alert with Action for every host, but that's a lot of configuration work.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

There is a list of variables that are maintained for each incident that can be used in some actions, but these are normally plugins as opposed to the built in alert methods so I'm not sure if this would work - I believe I've tried using the variables in the standard email action in the past and it did not work but instead just printed the text I had entered.

If it is possible at present the value would be: ${AGENT_NAME}

See the attached doc for the full list: list-of-maintained-by-action-plugins-predefined-va.pdf

If this doesn't work I imagine an RFE for the variables to work with the built in actions would be the only option, unless there is something I am not considering.