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Calls an time measures to one method splited by argument


Hi all,

we've one method with one parameter like method1(String param), in appmon is possible to obtain the number of calls and the time (avg, max, min, sum) for the calls to this method splitted by the argument without create one specific measure for every param in the method?

Creating one BT splitting by the method param is not the solution for two reasons:

- in one pure path there's several calls to this method

- we want the number of calls and the time (avg, max, min, sum) for the method calls, not for the hole pure path.

Regards, Josep Maria


May be try this:

Make such measure that will count execution time of method and use it as result measure of BT. Create as well splitting by argument value. In such case you should have what you need.


Hi Sebastian,

this will work but only with pure paths with one call to the method. The problem is with pure paths with more than one call to the method.

Regards, Josep Maria

Ps: this problem is described also here:

I don't have any other ideas how to handle this case right now. If I will find out any idea I will come back to you. For now I think method hotspots dashboard may be good source for you but it's based on purepaths and it's rather slow.


Hi Sabastian,

thanks for your response, I think this is one capability not available in appmon because it's pure path centric. Ruxit is service centric and maybe this is possible.

Regards, Josep Maria

In Dynatrace you can make service based on this particular method. You will have response time of all transactions that are executed by this method. And yes your case then will be resolved because you can use there request attribute (method argument value) for creating multidimensional analysis view. There you will have your parformance splitted by argument as you want.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


The only way to have that information is calculating the result per argument (number and time) per method call. Also, consider the aggregation when calculating them, because as you already said, are purepath oriented.

Is useful to isolate certain (problematic...) args passed and fix them.

A generic way, as ponted bu @sebastian k., is available o Dynatrace.

Best regards