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Can I connect AppMon (7.1/7.2) to the Splunk Dynatrace app?



My Splunk team would like to have our Dynatrace AppMon feed data into the Dynatrace app they've installed in Splunk. Currently, I have business transactions being ingested by Splunk via the Flume service, but that is a different app in Splunk called "APM with Dynatrace." I looked at the details from Splunk's documentation: . This to me sounds like this works with the new Dynatrace, and NOT AppMon. Is that correct? Am I able to get an API URL or API token for AppMon to connect to the Splunk Dynatrace app? Is there any other way to get AppMon data into Splunk? Thank you for the assistance!


Yes you are correct, Dynatrace app for Splunk is for new Dynatrace not for Appmon.

Dynatrace has really great api for exporting metrics, this is missing in Appmon. There are two main possibilities, business transaction http stream that you’ve mentioned before and purelitics stream for uem. They are not compatible with this extension.


Thank you so much, Sebastian! This cleared up a lot of confusion on our side.


Megan, the below thread seems to have some good info about integrating AppMon with Splunk. Not sure if this addresses your use case but worth a read i guess.