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Can I edit/customize the Sechdule of a URL/SOAP Monitor?


We have 10 WebServices that are being monitored using SOAP monitor plugin and the same with URL monitoring. Is there a way monitor the WebServices/URL's few minutes apart (Ex: 1 Minute) instead of all the Services hitting the system at the same time?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If you look at each schedule you'll see that it has a specific time it was originally set to start on (e.g. run from xxxx-xx-xx 01:00:00 until forever, every 2 minutes). You can create different instances of the same schedule that have a different initial starting time in order to 'stagger' executions so they don't all run at once. So if you have 2 set to run every 10 minutes, you can do something like set one with a start time of 10:00AM today and another with a start time of 10:01 AM today and they will still be running every 10 minutes but 1 minute apart. You would then need to pick which monitors will use which schedule, maybe something like SOAP monitor uses the first and URL the second.