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Can I get consistent chart colors


I've got a few charts pulling out different measures - sessions, executing requests, stuck threads, cpu for a group of servers - each chart has the same servers on them.

Is there a pay (other than manually) of setting the colour group that the chart uses?

I really want all 4 charts to use the same colour set so that as server join and leave the group over time I don't need to go and manually edit the graphs. I can't seem to see an option for that.

Hope that makes sense.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


The only option i can think of for this customization would be to go to the measure in question (sessions, executing requests etc) and under the second "details" tab in the edit measure window there is an option for a default color. You would have to set a default color for each measure your interested in. Hope this helps.


I think my description wasn't clear.

I have 4 charts - one for sessions, one for executing requests, one for stuck threads and one for cpu.

On each chart there are 8 servers (each taking 1/8 of the load in theory).

I want the same server on each chart to have the same colour - so since the servers are sorted by server name, if each chart used the same colour for server 1, and the same colour for server 2 etc then I could immediately see if one cpu was running hot if the same server also had more sessions or stuck threads etc.

Currently each chart has it's own (random?) colour group so I can't correlate across the charts unless I go in and specifically override the colour for each server in each series but that means if we add servers/remove servers I need to go in and update that across all my dashboards.

Hope that makes it clearer ...

Hi Bruce,

This does not work for all metrics/splittings/combinations, but could work in your case as you are splitting by server name.

When you switch to debug mode in the client: CTRL + SHIFT + F9, after having selected a color for specific server, you can right click and under color, you will have option "Copy color to all Charts":

Please let us know if this option is working for you.

Alternatively, you can create an RFE to support the feature in your specific use case.

Thank you, Martina


Ah, I like that option however it just copied the color to all the sub items (server) in the series in the same chart.

I'll raise an RFE for it.