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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can dynatrace monitor dockerized application and how to calculate the number of agents on micro service?



I am wondering if we can monitor dockerized application/application running in docker/micro service?

If we have this ability, do we have some guide instructions or document?

And how do we calculate the number of agents, because if the application split to dockerized micor service, it may have a great amount, thus if every micro service consumes an agent, there will be a lot of agent needed in the license, this is an important thing that my customer care about.

Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks a lot!






1. Yes, you can monitor apps in docker containers, you just need to put our agent to container configuration setting

2. Licensing. Since 6.5 dynatrace introduces microservices licenses. So basically if your application (microservice has static memory settings not more that 1024 Mb), it licensed as a 1 microservice. But anyway you should ask your license manager

Thanks Vlad!


Hi Jason,

I suggest you have a look at the following documentation, which describes how to inject the Dynatrace agent into Dockerized applications:

With regards to licenses, please talk to your sales agent. There's microservice pricing available.

Best, Martin

Hi Martin,

I am not sure whether the community page you linked above requires certain permissions, or if the link itself is broken, but the page is not coming up for me. Is it possible that the page is set to work for Dynatrace employees only?

Thanks a bunch,

- Kasey C.

Thanks a bunch!


@Jason M., let me know if you have any further question regarding our microservice capabilities. I'd personally be curious to learn what your plans are in this space. If you are in for some exchange of thoughts, please feel free to contact me via martin.etmajer (at) Cheers!