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Can i alert on a measure that is evaluated at a specific timeframe?


we have a nightly job.. job is monitored by DT Appmon 7.2 and we have a method measure defined for invocations.

I want to create an alert that : IF method invocation count = 0 between 12:30am to 1am, then send alert.


The current alert configurations constantly evaluate a measure.. with the max evaluation period of 1h.. obviously the alert will keep firing for the other 23 hours where the job doesnt run.. and I want to avoid that.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Satish,

In AppMon you can create "Downtimes" which will suppress the alert for any time that you configure, by right clicking on the incident and clicking "Create Downtime".

You should create your incident like normal, and create a daily downtime for 1am that lasts 23.5 hours, so this alert will only go off if the count is 0 between 12:30am-1am.



that's an interesting suggestion Jonathan.. is this downtime unique to the alert? Let me try..

Hi Satish,

Yes the downtime is unique to the specific alert. After you create the incident rule you can go to the incidents dashlet and right click on the specific incident rule you want this downtime for, and create it there.