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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can out parameters of public methods or return objects(c#) be configured as custom measures in Dynatrace? Also please suggest, is there a possibility to create a report from w3wp.exe crash dumps?


I m trying to add custom measure for the 'out' parameters of public methods or return object properties in dynatrace. Is it possible for configuring it so? if not, what can be added as custom measures?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


If you want parameters as measures you have to create a Business Transaction that uses a Method Argument measure as a Result Measure assuming that the paraemter is something that can be converted to a numeric value. In that case follow these steps

#1: Make sure the parameter is captured through a sensor

#2: Find such a PurePath where you see that value capture

#3: Via the context menu on that PurePath method node select "Create Business Transaction"

#4: Select the BT -> Method Argument Measure, specify which parameter it is you want this measure to return and select "numeric" in the evaluation option

#5: now select that you want to have this measure as a Result measure

#6: Additoinally think about a Filter Measure so that Dynatrace only looks at PurePaths that you know whill call this method, e.g: define a Method Invocation Measure for that same method with an upper severe threshold of 1 and use it as Filter

If you do that you have a Business Transaction that looks at all the PurePaths that call that Method and it will provide your method argument value as a result measure

if you want to learn more about BTs feel free to check out my Business Transaction YouTube Tutorials. I have a basic and advanced session:



Thank You Andi. Your response is useful.


Could you please suggest on the second question?