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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can the split be done on Arguments?



With Apigee calls are being stitched together into a single purepath. it does introduce difficulty for charting/tracking statistics on the REST Services themselves. Because of this, we need to figure out a way in Dynatrace to get the individual REST Service statistics from the combined Purepath.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Bharti,

You can create a Business Transaction and use a BT URI measure as a split (as you are going to use it as SPLIT it will work as a filter too).

In order to get the specific results for the REST Service you will need to add a Web Request TIME measure in the results for each REST service.

Otherwise the BT will show only the PurePath data and not specifically the result you are looking for.




Thanks a lot Thiago for your help.


Hi Thiago,

We have attempted what you have mentioned, but are not seeing the results that we need. It seems to do the splitting as expected, but the counts and timing seem to be base off of the main web request and not off of the specific web requests that are stitched together.

Let me illustrate....

Here is a picture from 1 purepath that shows the non blocking web requests we are making via APIGee.

Note that we have added logic to our code that passes the Dynatrace Cookies and referer through. As a result the web request that typically would be their own purepaths are consolidated into 1 purepath providing a complete UOW picture.

Here are the results that we seen in our BT. The counts and the timings for the rest services all show the exact same data and timing which is not accurate. I beleive it is deriving this data from initial page web request vs. the web requests from the rest calls.

Please advise on how we can get meaningful data for the rest calls in our BT.