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Can we configure dynatrace to monitor remote server (geographically in a different location)


We have an application server remotely located in UK region(London) and the dynatrace server located in USA (NYC) (different subnet/domain) is it possible to monitor the remote application server using dynatrace ?



Hello Pavan,

Theoretically, it should be possible. The main stipulation is to have the collector as close to the agents as possible (within the same Data Center as the agents) but the collector should be able to connect to the DT server without it being in the same DC. If you set this up I would confirm that you can ping the server from the collector location to make sure the firewall rules allow the data to be transferred. I would also setup the collector with more memory than recommended since, depending on how far the server is and how many transactions you are monitoring, the buffer may be used quite often.

Here are the collector guidelines from the documentation:


David Nicholls


Thank You.We currently have dynatarce server in a windows environment(NYC,USA) and the application to be monitored(London,UK) is in a LINUX environment I hope that won't be a problem.

Besides I would like to know if there will be any restrictions one how many collectors we can have per dynatrace server (since we already have a collector on the existing dynatrace server)

Hello Pavan,

You should have no problems connecting your Linux applications to a Windows based AppMon server or vice versa.

The number of collectors that are connected to the server are mostly dependent on the number of agents that you will have. The Dynatrace server has multiple sizes that can be selected in the server settings in the client and these sizes allow you to connect more agents which might, in turn, need more collectors.

Here is more information on the server sizes:

To determine when you need to add more collectors, DT has prepared this guide that shows the size of collectors and how many agents they can support.

You have to think both about the server size and the # of collectors or their size in relation to the number of agents or transactions you will be monitoring.

Hope that helps,

David Nicholls