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Can we evaluate new measure/BT on exported Session to get Data


I have an exported session, I am going to create few new measures and BT and want to evaluate the BT on this exported session.

Will it be possible ?


No, newly created measures and BT's are calculated only for data that came to system after this process. So if you have old data stored on server or exported session this will not work at all.


Thanks for information @sebastian k.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The "Process configuration changes" menu item on right click will do that:



I didn't know that option 🙂 Thx! But this will not work in this case:

"By contrast, Reanalyze all PurePaths on the context menu for the Business Transaction dashlet only analyzes the PurePaths and tags them with the Business Transaction, but it does not persist any measures back to the stored session."

It will still evaluate and show the resulting BT which I think may cover this use case. It will not modify the stored session, but I think that's not the ask.

But will not cover new measures (if I understand this description correctly).