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Can we have dynatrace agent and collector in different domains


Hi All ,

We have our application servers in one domain and the server in a domain called .

Is it necessary to set up a collector in or we can have it in and let the firewall open for communication between the agent and the collector server ?




You can have a collector anywhere but remember a firewall introduces latency in the calls between the Agent and Collector. This is often the reason for slow application start-up. The Agent needs to do several 10,000 round trips to the Collector at application start up. Even 1 ms firewall latency adds up to a noticeable time. Therefore, either use a real fast (in latency time) firewall or put the Collector into the same subnet as the Agents.

Also, consider that for your configuration:

  • The network between the Agent and Collector needs low latency.
  • The network between the Server and Collector needs high bandwidth.

Review the below link for the collector best practices.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

One thing to add: The location of the collectors is not related to the domains of the app, but simply by the logic mentioned by Babar related to latency and bandwidth. In the agent log file there's a line that reports the speed for a test instrumentation step. This can be used to determine the 'goodness' of the distance between the agent and the collector. Compare this value to an agent which has no complexities between the agent/collector. Search the log for the string "Transformation time".

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Yes, you can have the in different domains but best practice is to think about the latency.