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Can we know how many users are using the web client and who are those users ?


Hi All,

We are looking for the number of users which are using web client. Also is there any way to get details of those users.


Do you have licesnse for UEM? If yes it's quite simple. You can tag visits with visit tag:

You will then know which users are visiting your system.

If you have UEM enabled you can user measure Concurent Visits and chart it. It will tell you how much users was on your site over time. But this will not count unique users. If you wan't count them you can create business transaction that will splitt by visit tag. In such case it's suggested to export BT results via http to elasticsearch (it's not recommend to store in performance werehouse results of BT's with many splittings). In such case you will be able to count unique users. But you need to have 100% coverage of visits in UEM 🙂


Thanks Sebastian for the reply .. We are looking for the number of users are using Dynatrace Appmon Desktop Client and Dynatrace Appmon web client. Please share if have any information on the same.

Ok I understand your needs. About Web Client, you will not have any information unfortunately.

For desktop app: -> look this answer.