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Can we report on unique users per day?


IHAC who currently has this report configured through a different tool and they'd like to do the same through DT.
We have a measure configured to collect the user name.

Asad directed me to this page which is discussing a plugin that could possibly help:

On this page the creator is describing the following: Business Transaction split by date and user, returns the number of users per date as long as date id the first splitting, or number of dates for the user when user is the first splitting

Unfortunately I could not figure out how to do two things:

1. How do I split by date?

2. How do I avoid splitting by application

If you know how to resolve those two issues or if you know how to do that report in a different way please let me know...



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I got YouTube Tutorials where I talk about Basic and Advanced Business Transactions: &


Thanks Andi. Those are great resources however I don't think they help with my specific question.

If I missed anything could you point me to a specific time in your videos where you're discussing it?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Ran,

The splitting by date is and user is just an example that the plugin creator has given, for the "Count Unique Rows" and "Count Unique Instances" option in the plugin.

Since you already have a measure for the user name, I would recommend creating a business transaction filtering on the application home page (or any page where the user name is being passed), and then splitting on that user name measure.

After the BT is generating data, you can create a Business Transaction Row Counter plugin and set the option in the plugin to "Count Unique Rows". You can then chart the measure and/or create a dashboard based on it.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Harshal.

I understand that was just an example by the plugin creator but that example fits my use case perfectly 🙂

If I do what you suggest but I don't split the BT by date, how will I get unique users per day?

Hi Ran,

By changing the Business Transaction Row Counter dashboard filter to one day, you should be able to get the number of unique users per day.