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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can we use same license of 7.0 to 7.1


Hi All,

Anyone recently upgraded from 7.0 to 7.1

can we use same license of 7.0 for 7.1 also.

Heard from support that no need of deactivation of old one and installing new one.

But I am not able to get proper documnetation of this new licensing concept.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M


Hi Karthikayini,

You need to upgrade your license from 7.0 to 7.1 for your new environment, This can be done on the eservices website of the Dynatrace.

Step 1: Check whether you have access to the eservices

Step 2: In services website Go to My Licenses--> to see the list which you have, if it's empty raise a support case with the Licensing team for enabling the visibility.

Follow the below link which has more details on the licensing types and methods to perform the license upgrade

Documentation on Licensing:

For upgrading the license on e-services

This step helps you to activate your newly upgrade license into the appmon server 7.1



Hi Ravi,

Thanks for the reply.


Karthikayini M

Hi Ravi, Do you know if there is any best practices? After we upgraded the servers, we are not able to access licenses from the client. We had to ask the DT support team to upgrade the license for us. What would be the steps to follow? Should we deactivate and upgrade the license before we upgrade the servers?

Hi Devi,

The reason behind for not able to see the licenses is the user id and login which you are using to login to the e-services from the client may not have visibility to the licenses you posses, try with user id which is officially used during the purchase.

Hope you have upgraded your licenses already, if you haven't then login to the e-services portal and can upgrade the licenses.

While upgrading the license on e-service it will deactivate the old license on the portal, so that you may not able to use it again. you will have your new license file available on the e-services.

  • If the activation is done on the e-services portal you can follow the below steps
  • if you are not able to do it on e-services, then you need to check with licensing team for requesting the new licensing file and UEM voucher if applicable for importing manually on client.

1)Activating the license from the AppMon Client

on license settings --> Click on Import License --> Select the --> Retrieve License online--> Enter the User Id and Password -->

Post verifying the credentials e services will display the licenses which you have available.

Select the appropriate licenses available --> License details window will display the license details which you have

finally click on the Install License.

2) Activating the license manually on client

If you have received the license from the licensing team you need to select the Import license from a file option.

Note: Make sure the machine on you which trying to do license activation has the license file you have received from the Dynatrace. so that you can browse the file

once selecting the file click on Next.

As you have select the manual method, so you can see the option which you have selected, on you are in above window click on the Install License.



Thanks for the detailed answer Ravi. Yes, i contacted the support team, they upgraded the license and applied it.

I do have access to eservices portal, I was only able to view 7.0 licenses. I tried to upgrade in the portal, but it was asking for an activation and deactivation code, which I did not have.

In the 7.0 client this is what i saw "No license information available".

In 7.1, I saw the prompt to install the license online or offline. When I logged in from the client, already activated 7.0 licenses were only shown in the list. Did you mean to say that, by selecting the activated 7.0 license, we will be able to upgrade to 7.1 license directly from 7.1 client?

For future upgrades you should deactivate your license prior to your upgrade. This process is highlighted in our upgrade and migration guide

Hi Devi,

You no need to enter the activation and de-activation code, it's not mandatory fields you can skip the deactivation step and proceed. It will upgrade the license file to the new version which you have selected. Once this step is done, you must see the new license 7.1 available from the client when you are trying to activate.


Ravi Kumar