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Can you briefly explain the deamons necessary for the Dynatrace AppMon?

On Windows when the check the taks manager I see 5 deamons are running for Dynatrace:

1.Dynatrace Web server Agent 7.0

2.Dynatrace Server 7.0

3.Dynatrace Memory Analysis Server 7.0

4.Dynatrace Frontend Server 7.0

5.Dynatrace Collector 7.0

Should all these services be running all the time for the Dynatrace to function properly in development enviornment

Can you briefly explain the purpose of each service(deamons) and its impact if it is stopped abnormally?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Vamshi,

1. Dynatrace Web Server Agent 7.0 - this is your web server agent. It only needs to be installed and running on a web server you wish to monitor. It takes care of loading the agent library and (optionally) injecting the JavaScript agent required by UEM (if configured so).

2. Dynatrace Server 7.0 - this is the backend component of the AppMon Server - this is what does the processing of the PurePaths, stitching information together, etc.

3. Dynatrace Memory Analysis Server 7.0 - this is a component which analyses memory dumps. If you take a memory dump on one of the agents, this component will do all the processing allowing you to explore that memory dump and analyse it in detail.

4. Dynatrace Frontend Server 7.0 - this is the frontend component of the AppMon Server - this is what the clients are hitting to request data, dashboards, and reports.

5. Dynatrace Collector 7.0 - this is the component which the agents connect to and send their data to. Agents connect to a collector to send the recorded parts of PurePaths, the Collector takes this data and then sends it to the backend part of the server which correlates it, stitches together all the individual parts of PurePaths, then processes and analyses these PurePaths.

Is this clear?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The Dynatrace Server and Dynatrace Frontend Server must be both running on the machine hosting your AppMon Server. The Web Server Agent has no place on the same machine (should only be on machines hosting web servers that you wish to monitor). The Collector can share the same machine as the AppMon Server so you might need it running (but this collector is installed by default along with the full product, so if you find that it's actually not used because you already have an external one, there is no need for it to be running there). Memory Analysis Server also can share the same machine as the AppMon Server, but it only needs to be running when you're doing memory dump analysis (otherwise you can keep it off).