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Can you use a proxy server in business transaction feed?



Is it possible to use a proxy server when configuring the business transaction feed? We want to be able to send BT to Microsoft Azure Data Lake, but we do not want our dynaTrace APM server to have access to Azure. Thus, we want to send the business transaction feed to a proxy server which will forward it to the Data Lake afterward.

Is it possible to do it?

Thank you


Hello Francois,

Interesting question, i never tried this however I don't see why it would not be possible.

At the moment I am busy on a BT feed project. I used below listener desinged by AndreasG and integrated it into a jersey servlet which runs now into an apache tomcat webserver. So i assume that we perfectly could place a proxy web server between AppMon and the apache webserver. Configuring the proxy and AppMon BTFeed (realtime streaming/BTFeed) should do the trick. Same should count for your situation.

May be someone else can (dis)confirm this, or provide you extra feedback.




Thank you for sharing the information.

I agree with Steven. I also think that should be no problem at all as you are just "proxying/tunneling" the data to Data Lake. Keep us posted on what you find out