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Cannot add web request to BT



Customer is using DotNet. they have an application on a DMZ, issuing a web request using the HttpWebRequest method of GetResponse. This is then being passed through DataPower appliance and changes its uri.

When trying to create a measure for the web request (from the calling interface), the options available suggests that it is not a standard one as the only measure type available for web request is Time. Additionally, when looking at Business transaction Evaluation/Filter measure types, it only shows the Method measures and nothing about web requests.
This web request itself is not listed also in either the web requests dashlet or web services.
This prevents creating business transaction and monitoring it.
What can be the reason for that ?



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Gil

It would be interesting to see that PurePath. Can you share?

It seems though that for whatever reason Dynatrace is not capturing this web request through our standard web request sensor. If that would be the case you could create any type of web request sensor. So - what we need to figure out is WHY Dynatrace doesnt capture it as web request. Could be that you are using an unsupported framework or maybe there is something else we miss here. If you can share a PurePath let us know