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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Capture all Request-Parameters/Session-Attributes in AppMon


Hi All,

Is it possible to capture all Parameters and Attributes from web requests? We can get these details by clicking on details of individual purepaths, but its tedious to go through every purepath. AppMon won't let me create BT with empty parameter value, I have tried using regex in this field (.*) but this is not resulting in any splittings.
This information will be very useful for us to get a list of all Attributes/Parameters and then adjust the servlet sensor configuration to avoid capturing any sensitive attributes/parameters.






This protects the database a great deal and AppMon system performance so if you are after creating a BT on this, you must provide the parameter.

If you are just interested in viewing the parameters captured in web requests (?) then open a web requests dashlet and choose the "Group by" in the top right option to include the query. You will see the data is already stored in the PurePaths store.

IMO, viewing the data in the web requests dashlet and expanding to include the query would be better for you in this usecase, since the data is immediately there, and since your aim is to avoid capturing anything sensitive, this will avoid a write into the database (why set out to capture something sensitive and store it in the PW?) 😉

Hope it explains the approach, and helps you out there,

More on web request dashlet is here btw, - should help you out here.


Thanks Gary!
Web requests dashlet would give me the query portion of the requests. It doesn't give me details about request parameters or session attributes that's were the sensitive information might be present.
Another easy approach to mask the sensitive data selectively is to be able to have an option "not contains" for attributes selection in servlet sensor configuration, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be available.