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Capture method time and count for MQ.MQGET called by CICS agent


Hey Guys,

My customer wants to chart on the method time and count of MQ.MQGET() method. As shown in the following screenshot, this method is called by CICS agent, not from application server like .Net.

I tried to create measure from a right-click on "MQGET()" method. Although there is no type matches with CICS method, the class and method filter still got the correct value in there.

Charts of method time and count of this method does not return any data. However, data of this method is captured in default method dashlet.

I wonder if I did anything wrong. Anyone has tried this before?





Hello Chenjie,

The only thing that I can think of is this. When you create a measure on a method it usually has you place a sensor on that method to let Dynatrace track every invocation. This sensor is typically added via hot sensor placement but this can be turned off in the configuration for the agents or for the specific method (usually done in production instances). Do you know for sure that the sensor got placed? You can check whether the sensor is placed via the agent overview. If you click on the agent in question and then in the bottom pane click the deployed sensors tab, it will display a list of all the sensors that are placed.

Your only option besides hot sensor placement would be to restart the CICS instance. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure hot sensor placement is not available for CICS.


David Nicholls

Hi David,

Thanks for help!

Our CICS agents are restarted everyday at night. I just checked the start time of CICS agents. It appears they were restarted at 3am this morning. Since the sensor and measures are configured before that, they should be placed by now. However, deployed sensors in agent overview does not contain anything for CICS agents.





Generally with CICS Agents the standard way of creating measures does not work as the Sensors are not the same as Java/.Net. For example if were wanting to Measure the response time of a CICS Transaction API. Then rather selecting the default Methods option that is automatically selected after 'Create Measure' You'd need to select Business Transaction Evaluation instead. This is all down to how Sensors work with CICS/zLocal Agents.

On your example rather that using the default 'Methods' options. Have you tried the 'Messaging' Option which is listed just above 'Methods'. Selecting this will then cause the right information (Queue Name) to be populated for the Measure. If that doesn't work and not produce data, then try the Business Transaction Evaluation option selecting 'Messaging - Destination'. You'll then need to create a Business Transaction to use that Business Transaction Evaluation Measure.

Hopefully, one of those option will allow a Measure to be created to monitor that particular MQGET() call.



Thanks Darren.

I tried different measure type. I don't think either 'Messaging' or 'Business Transaction Evaluation' measures work for me, because none of them allow me to set up filter on method name. The only filter they have is destination which I don't want to filter on.

Create a business transaction wouldn't help, because I'm not after any measure per purepath, user action or visit.