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Capturing and displaying web request parameters from XML input.


Can anyone please advise how I can capture and display
specific entries from and XML input, which is submitted as a SOAP request to a
web service.

Using the excerpt below as an example I would like to
display the parameters supplied as part of the request (Shape = Circle, Area =
234.67 and Circumference = 234), whenever I am viewing “Request
” details on a purepath.

I am currently running Dynatrace APM ver 6.5


InputXML: <soap:Envelopexmlns:soap=""xmlns:xsi=""xmlns:xsd="">











I have added the parameters above within the webserver
sensor as per the attached screenshot but have not been able to view the values
within purepath details



Hello Moses,

You can use the 'Servlets' and 'ASP .NET' sensor packs to capture the desired parameters and attributes. Below is the documented description for better understanding.

Parameters and Attributes ((warning) 😞 Capture values of certain parameters and attributes (i.e. request headers, session attributes, request attributes, request parameters) as strings.To specify a captured attribute explicitly, provide its name in the Attribute column. To capture an attribute that contains a certain name, provide a partial name in the Attribute column. To capture all available attributes, leave the Attribute column empty or type '*'.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Moses,

Dynatrace AppMon only allows you to capture headers & parameters that are defined by HTTP.

what you're doing - or at least I expect that you're doing - is to send SOAP/XML messages in the payload of HTTP requests. this cannot be captured by AppMon, as it's not looking and parsing any payload of messages. especially from a performance perspective, this would be no good idea at all, anyway.

so you could try to find methods in the code which do the actual parsing and try to capture the arguments/return values from those methods.

but apart from that I don't see any other possibility.

HTH, Christian

Another way to achieve is to grab one of the candidate method from the app layer which performs the request processing, and get the values in argument and return value from there in splitting. Be creative you can use Regex also.