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Change in Dynatrace Server Installation directory


I would like to change the AppMon server installation path in Linux machine, $DT_HOME from existing path to new path due to filesystem space issues.

What are all the pre-req I should consider while moving the path, do I need to de-activate & re-activate the license?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Ram,

stopping the server, renaming the folder and starting the server again should work fine (except that you will have to adapt the init.d scripts (if you use them) to reflect the new location of the binary). The license is bound to the hostname / mac address, not the folder. Note that you might have to modify your session file location, depending on where you have set it in the server settings.

Normally it should be sufficient to change the session folder to prevent out-of-disk errors, by the way, because it's the part that grows the most. Best regards,


As Im facing Disk storage issue, I want to move dynatrace server from one drive to another?How?


Thank you Peter for the answer. Actually I have to keep the files in different filesystem (so cannot rename the folder as they reside now in different file system). So is that OK to stop the server, move all the files, modify the path in DT start-up files & start the server?

Yes, that should work.