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Charting "Duration [ms]" of a PurePath


Hi everyone, my situation is the following:

In my system profile I have created a specific sensor in order to track the method Main.SearchCustomer() in figure (the sensor is active and able to start a PurePath). It works fine and the result are shown in the PurePath Dashboard.

If I understand right in order to chart some measurments I need to create a Business Transaction and then try to chart my data starting from that. I've done the same thing for others methods and I have achieved the results for measurs like Time of Methods but not for the Duration.

Any suggestions how to create the BT and which measures/filters add to it?

Thanks in advance.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You should be able to right-click the node in the purepath and say "Create Measure", then you should be able to have that measure directly without a BT (unless you need some filtering / splitting as well)

Hi Peter, thanks for the reply. I agree with you, I can create the measure directly from the node and plot it in a chart, the problem is that I need to show the avg duration (with all the async operations) and I have trouble to find the right measure for this scope. "Time" under the "Method" measurements doesn't do the job because it takes into account the ExecTime.


I have solved my problem in this way:

- Create a BT in which I have a filter on the PurePaths containing my method

- Add to this BT the preconfigured "PurePath Duration" measure

- Open the BT dashboard, right-click on my new BT and then say "Show Measures in Chart"

- I have done same changes in the filters of the dashboard and all is set up now