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Charts split and grouped by day/time


Hello I'm trying to create the following charts which will be included to monthly reports.

Average and Max number of users per day
Busiest & popular times each day

I will need to get the time and the day names somehow. I was thinking that I could try setting up a business transaction for splitting between days/times. Any ideas what is the best way of achieving what I want? Is there a function that can convert the date to the name of the day ?

Thanks in advance


I think best option would be http export from business transaction to elasticsearch ang making proper reports there in Grafana or kibana. There should be option for adding day names.



Thank you for your response Sebastian. I'm so sorry for late reply but I was away from my office. I was kind of looking into having the aforementioned reports with the Appmmon application by itself and not by using any additional applications. I believe if I could have the ability to group using custom groups that it could have helped. However I find it difficult to find how you could create custom groups. I also saw you have used USQL at some point but I can't seem to find how I could use that.

Thanks again for your reply.

Appmon doesn’t have USQL. If’s different product from Dynatrace.


Thank you. How can I add custom groups on my measures with Appmon and how can I use the start date time field in my groups and splittings ?

I don’t know what you mean by measure groups. There is no something like that in Appmon. There is no such logic even in business transaction to define day of the week by date. This would need some script, there is no such option.


Thank you. I will try what you suggested at your initial response. Sorry for being persistent but I'm new on my role and trying to deliver the desired reports/charts and Dynatrace has suggested that I only need available UEM licenses and this can be configured in Appmon.

If you have uem licenses and you want dashboarding based on those data it may be good idea to use built in elasticsearch integration:


Thank you I already have UEM and I'll use elasticsearch with Grafana which I believe I also have available