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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Classes are not able to detect by System Profile


Hi All,

I have  created a System Profile with different agent groups includes (Java & Dot Net) in DT6.0 version.

One of my application will use .Net and execute on a process for which I was not able to see the required classes under the Sensors.

Can some one help me to understand why DT6.0 system profile was not able to identify the classes.




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Sadasiva

I am not sure I fully understand your scenario. Are you saying that you have a .NET agent that correctly maps to one of the tiers/groups you created in your System PRofile - BUT - when you try to create your own sensor rule the Class Browser doesnt show any .NET Classes?

Can you post us some screenshots from

a) Your Agent Mapping showing that the . NET AGent is correctly mapped to one of the tiers -> open the Agent OVerview DAshlet for this

b) A screenshot of your Tier/Group of your System PRofile

c) A screenshot of the class browser that shows none of your .net classes loaded.

TIP: if you open the class browser when creating a new sensor rule you need to #1: select the agent tier/group in the drop down and then #2: hit the little refresh button next to it. This is not always obvious and people tend to forget to push this button


Hi Andi,

Thanks for your time. Yes your understanding is correct that for .Net agent it is not showing classes inside Syatem profile.

As suggested I amd uploading the screenshots for your reference.System_Profile.PNG;;Classes_Dot_Net.PNG;;R2Dev7_Screng.PNG


Thanks for the screenshots. the status message "no status information available" is very odd. I will check with engineering what that means.

But - what I also see in that same screenshot is that this agent with the name screng actually maps into the Agent Group with the name Screng and not the one called DotNetApplication which is the one you though it will be. I guess you have two Agent Groups. The one that is called Screng and the one that is called DotNetApplication both with the same agent mapping. in that case it is possible that the agent maps to either one of them. In your case it seems it matches to the one called Screng.

Here is what I propose

#1: make sure you have uniuqe mappings and that this agent really gets mapped into the group you want it

#2: restart the agent and then try the class browser again.


Hi Andi,

I did the activity with Screng as well as DotNetAgent system profiles (Both are .Net system profiles). Though the screenshots are showing two different profiles, under the both system profiles I din't see the .Net classes.



I assume the second system profile you are talking about is the one called R2Dev7_EndurC. I can see that the agent you highlighted in the Agent Overview Dashlet is linked to that System Profile.

In the agent overview - can you also check how many "loaded classes" show up for that agent?

Hi Andi,

I have created all the .Net related agents under system profiled named "DotNet_System_Profiles". I launched my application and added new .Net agents to this system profile.

I launched my application and observed my custom classes are not loaded under the class browser but loaded other DEFAULT CLASSES related to Microfoft, Infragistics etc...

What could be the reason why my custom classes are not being loaded under the CLASS BROWSER.DotNet_System_Profiles.PNG

Please refer the attachment and let me know your thoughts.


One more thing I doubt, are these classes which are not showing is it because of the Agent status showing as "no status information available". As my application is running on this agent.



Hi Andi,

I observed one intresting thing was screng.exe though it is showing as .Net aget under Agent overview, it's not displaying in the .Net agent configuration tool by Default until I checked the check box Include non-.NET processes.

Do you think is it not a .NET agent, if yes why it is showing as NET agent in Agent overview.

If you say it's .NET agent, do you think is it the problem related to the status what it is displaying in dynaTrace .NET agent configuration tool like "No status information available".

Please let me know your thoughts or else I thought of raising a support ticket.


I think the best option is that somebody has a look at your machine. I am sure the prolem is simply explained. Either there is a problem with the mapping and you are looking in the wrong system profile or there is a problem with your process. When you say the process only showed up when you selected "include non .net processes" it means that the selected process is not loading the .NET CLR. Why the agent still shows up I dont know. The best is if somebody takes a look at your machine

Please file a support ticket and request remote help and keep us posted on the outcome. It will be interesting for everyone here on the forum


Hi Sadasiva,

Beyond the tips that Andi gave to you I suggest also to check the option bellow (before hitting refresh button):

 "Use classes of all connected agents of selected agents group"


Hi Melory,

Thanks for your suggestion . I used even that option but still classes are not displaying (Custom).