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Client IP address via 'iv-remote-address'

Is it possible to simply add the HTTP header 'iv-remote-address' to the UEM Geographical Location configuration to get the client's originating IP address for use in UEM? They've managed to get their WebSeal to add this header and I can see it in a packet capture but they'd like confirmation that it will work before implementing it in their production environment - problem is, I can't show them using their dT Dev environment since they don't have UEM there, only in dT Prod edition.

I suspect it will work, since I get no error or warning when adding it in, but I need to be sure it works before they'll make the change to their prod WebSeal servers.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Yes - that will work. Simply add that header to the list in the Server Settings -> Geographical Locations.

Thanks for confirming my thoughts Andreas.