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Client side debugging


What are you guys doing to enable debugging on the client side?

We're facing a response time issue with an application and we're trying to pinpoint the root cause of it. What can be enabled to have Dynatrace AppMon providing more details about the client side?

Thanks for your help!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

To get any visibility into the client side you'd need UEM enabled which injects a JavaScript agent into client browsers to start PurePaths there and provide info like browser/OS type and timings from the client side. Otherwise we don't see the transaction until it hits a server with an agent installed.

We already have UEM enabled and it is providing some details, but not enough to help troubleshooting the issue. I thought that there may be some more debugging metrics that could be captured... Metrics that are not enabled by default to avoid end-user impact (overhead)