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Clock speed warning in dynatrace server CPU


Hi all,

I have a CPU clock speed warning on the dynatrace server lower than the required one (2.3 GHz), this causes some problem in the dynatrace server.

Can you increase more CPU with 2.3 GHz?

We can not change the clock speed of the CPU to 2.6 GHz, because that is the hardware.

Can you help me.

Regards !


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Adding Cores does not make up for clock speed necessarily. When a given worker thread is trying to get something done such as processing incoming event data from an agent, there's only so much work it can get done on a slow chip and not all tasks can be spread across threads. However keep in mind that this is a guideline and it has a lot to do with the number of agents and the transaction rate. I suggest you run with your existing chip speed and watch the Self Monitoring metrics within Appmon for signs of overloading. Such signs can show up in several metrics such as on the Server Health Dashboard: Queue Saturation (should be very low), CPU Utilization (not too high), Skipped Purepaths (should be 0). And on the FrontEndServer Health Dashboard, watch the CPU Utilization metric.

Watch your system and you may find it's performing sufficient for your needs.


Is there a way to ignore these warnings so they no longer pop-up in the status bar and start center window?

I'm using 7.1 EAP and unlike for other warnings there is no "||" icon on the right side of the start center to ignore the warnings: