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Cloud based application is using SOLACE for message transport. What kind of visibility & monitoring can Dynatrace APM provide for SOLACE ?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Can you provide more details about SOLACE? Is it just the message transport system? or is it an application that runs on the cloud? Is it java or .net based? can you instrument it with a dynatrace agent?


I've also the same question on SOLACE - here is the URL to the product

Below is a summary from Solace:

Solace is a TCP-based application messaging broker. Think
TIBCO EMS, Apache ActiveMQ, IBM MQ, etc. It comes either as a hardware
appliance (i.e. racked server with multiple NIC ports) or a container image
(i.e. OVA image for VMs, Docker image, AWS AMI image, etc.)

It supports monitoring mainly via two interfaces:

for hardware/infra monitoring, Solace brokers can be configured to forward
events to external address and port; this is commonly used to send logs to

for metrics and statistics, we support a restful API that can be integrated
into monitoring DB or other services. This we could work with you on for


SOLACE offers a number of products, but I am seeking info on how your tools (Dynatrace AppMon or Dynatrace Managed) can monitor their PubSub+ 3560 appliances.
They are described as follows "With its Solace PubSub+ appliances, Solace has embedded data movement logic and protocols into high-speed FPGAs and Network Processors to eliminate the latency and unpredictability associated with OS interrupts and context switching. Solace PubSub+ appliances are easy to deploy, manage and upgrade over time, and feature an admin framework that’s easy to integrate with existing management tools and security systems so you can secure your system and troubleshoot faults."

whoops! That was intended to be a "comment"...