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Collector group - Load balancing


I have a collector group , grouping three different collectors. I thought , grouping will work like a load balancer allowing equal distribution of connected agents to all the collectors in group .

But , when i look at my collectors i see below distribution of connected agents .

Collector1 - 57

Collector2 - 16

Collector3 -9

Need to know what else we can do to distribute the agents equal (or near equal) in the collector group.



I believe collector groups only provide a random distribution of agents among the group(s). What likely happened is collector 2 went offline so the agents were then randomly distributed between collector 1 and 3. Then collector 3 went offline so the agents would then randomly go to collector 1 or 2. This can cause imbalances like you've shown above.

As for a solution, you can stop collector 1 for a minute and then start if back up. This generally allows for most agents to start moving to other collectors but then collector 1 comes back online so some agents will also stay on that collector. This solution isn't exactly ideal but the most ideal option would be your own load balancer in front to distribute the load properly.


Tom is correct. The agent's will not be perfectly distributed but it will allow for them to connect to other collectors in the collector group if the one that the agent is pointing at is experiencing a handful of issues, please see: