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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Collector instance configuration



I have added an extra collector instance on the same machine. When I start the new instance I get the following error:

"One or all of the AppMon Agent listening ports (8045, 8044) could not be bound - please ensure that the configured ports are opened on the host and that they don't conflict with other applications"

I change "Listen for App Mon Agents at" port number for the new collector instance, and after collector has restarted this value swing back to 8045 again.

So my question is that how can I modify the App Mon Agents listen port for newly created collector instances?

Can I set them initially when I create new instances just like -listen parameter for classic agents port?



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader


when you creating new collector instance you can control not only main listening port, but also HTTPPort. If you will use Appmon Agent (not Classic one) communication is HTTP not TCP (this is why you have 2 ports defined. Default 9998 for TCP and default 8043 for HTTP.

"dtcollector -service install -instance MyCollector -listen :9997 -listenHttp :8044 -server myAppMonServer"

You can modify ports from start parameters using regedit on windows or in init.d for linux.

You have to remember that there are 2 default HTTP ports (in example from my command its 8044 (non tls) and 8045 (tls). All ports for all instances has to be different.