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Collector to server telnet command failed - server collector in same zone


Hello All,

I am trying to install new server collectors,

I have requested for port opening 6698,6699 ,8033 ports from collector to server

BUt network team said all servers in same zone. No port opening required.

When I test telnet, it is failing

How to approach it

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Karthikayini, If you cannot telnet from the collector host to the appmon server host over the port you are trying to install new collector instances with, then you will have to work with your network team on solving that connectivity issue.

Hi @Shane K.

Thanks for the reply.


Karthikayini M

The default port used by Telnet is 25. You can use the syntax telnet <host> <port> to test whether a specific port is open.

From your Collector server, you would attempt telnet <your-dynatrace-server> 6699 to test the Collector to Server connection

On the Server and Collector servers, you can run the netstat -nlp command to see the running processes and related ports.

Hi @Richard G.

Thanks for the reply. even for port 25 also telnet is not working.


Karthikayini M

Are you using the command as like this, can you share the output details..


As Ravi shows, you won't actually get the full telnet connection/prompt as the telnet service is most likely not running on the collector server, and/or is blocked on port 25 for security hardening purpose.

Rather, if you see the 'connection refused' reply, you can assume that the network path is open to the collector server at that address/port, hence the agent->collector connection should work.

A 'timeout' response would mean that the network path is not open (or you have the address/port wrong).