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Collectors not comming up on appmon 7.2



I did a collector migration yesterday our collector server have 3 instances and only one instance is working , when i checked the details of that instance it says" One or all of the AppMon Agent listening ports (8043) could not be bound - please ensure that the configured ports are opened on the host and that they don't conflict with other applications".

i checked the logs there is like self monitoring agent in collector also so is this a new feature of dynatrace 7.2 and also can one agent also cusause problem that our collector instance is not being.


Also the agents are in connected state in the agent overview.




Port 8043 has to be open between agents and collectors. If you have multiple instances of collector on single server it's important to setup listen ports of collectors to different ones. If you will don't do it it will be like you say, only one instance will be working.



Thanks @sebastian k.

as you said that port has to be open its open, and we have listen ports for different instance. Also the agents are connected to the collector instances

Check my ansear from this question:

should be helpful for you 🙂

@sebastian k. turns out there was problem in client because of which the collectors were showing in red state.

thanks for the help. 🙂


@Taneshaa t. What was your workaround for this? We are having the same issue. Our collectors are connected and operating as they should but they are showing red. Dynatrace support told us to upgrade the servers to 7.2.3. No one said anything about the client. Our pre production collectors are not having this issue so patching them to 7.2.3 doesn't seem like a logical way to test for a solution and we are not eager to throw a patch on our production servers without proper testing. Any help would be appreciated!


@Bryce S. they told us to change the port also recently we also did that.. also are your collector on appmon or classic?

below resolution in there fixpack 7.2.3 can help.

JLT-228227 - Manual deactivation of communication ports isn't considered for HTTP connector health information for 7.0 collectors