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Command line value under Agents Overview details/properties


When you go to 'Agents Overview' and click an agent, it lists all the Agent details with a Property and corresponding value in bottom half of the screen. From this Property column, one of the row is 'Command Line'. From where does Appmon fetch this value? Is it from JVM's generic value argument field? or any other place from JVM?

I was able to find good amount of information on the JVM from this command line value like initial heap size, max heap size (xms, xmx), GC policy etc..which is really helpful for a performance engineer to know without depending on JVM admins to give this information. So, curious to know how Appmon is gathering all this information and reducing dependency on infrastructure teams.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Kranthi, The AppMon agent is located within the process being monitored so it's easy to simply inquire the process to return the command line that invoked the process. Glad to hear you find this info useful. Your use case is one of the exact reasons this information is captured and reported.