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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Configure Dynatrace Appmon 6.5 for my Apache web server on Linux Box.


Hi Team,

I want to configure Dynatrace Appmon 6.5 for my Apache web server on Linux Box. I have few queries if anyone can help -

1. What is the full process of installing/configuring dynatrace appmon 6.5 on Apache Webserver?

Currently we have instrumented Appmon 6.5 over to java process hosted on Appservers (webSphere,Weblogic) . this is the first time we are trying to host it on Apache Webserver.

2. can the same client package be used to instrument Apache server?

3. Can i reuse the same Licenses available which was used to instrument Java process running on Appservers?

Any help is appreciated.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If you download the WebServer Agent for 6.5:

Then right click on your system profile, select "Add Tier" and choose Apache Web Server, the "Add Tier" wizard will walk you through the necessary steps.

You cannot use a Java agent on an Apache Web Server.

You cannot use a Java agent license for a Web Server. You might be able to convert via a ticket to license management, but given that you are on 6.5, which is out of support, your options are limited. Have you checked your license to see if there are any Web Server agents licensed?

Thanks Dave for the details.

I verified and have few licenses for webserver in Non-prod but in prod i don't have any. I'll have to reach out to see if few licenses can be converted for webserver.