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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Configure problem detection to skip HTTP 500 with a specific exception in the purepath


I have an B2B application with an SOAP API where customers calls my application and expect answers. When the input is malformed the API returns a HTTP 500 error (which is according to specs I believe) but in the purepath I can see an exception that indicates it is because malformed input (from customers). Since this happens alot and is not our responsibility I would like to be able to filter out that from the problem detection (today I get that raised as problems). I want to have other HTTP 500 to be picked up as problems. Just this "HTTP 500 AND malformed exception" combination needs to be excluded. Is this possible?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


yes you can exclude certain exceptions from the detection. To do this go to the settings of the service (the ... button in the service page) and go to the error detection settings. Exclude the fully qualified exception.

I hope this helps.

Hi Micheal,

Can you please give me more specific that how to do this?



In the navigation select "Transactions and Services" then click on the specific service you're interested in. Then when you're on the below page click the "..." and you can edit the service on a page which includes the error detection settings Michael refers to.

Hi James,

Seems the snapshot explained from the latest dynatrace version. Can you explain me how to do it in DT6.3



Hi Aravind, This product is new Dt OneAgent and is not AppMon.

Thanks Praveen,

Excluding the particular exception in purepath tree is doable in AppMon.



Correction the product is called Dynatrace SaaS&Managed.



This will be achievable as part of AppMon with the help of defining the condition in the properties of logging sensor pack.

Refer the screenshot,


Aravindhan Vellaichamy

Wouldn't this only work if the http 500 was not returned and the only thing causing a transaction failure was the log message?

Hello Anders, I would rather go the other way around, that not to disturb the OOTB sensors/rules, but create Custom Rules or BT/M to do this instead.

Let me know if you wish to go this way instead, along with details what you wish to achieve.


For counts, create a BT containing with AND logic

1. The HTTP status code equals '500'

2. Create a logging measure with the specific measure Not Containing the exception message.

For alert create a Count threshold measure on logging measure.

For Charting use this BT for count.

Regards, Rajesh.