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Configuring incident based on result measure (% of failed transactions)



I am trying to configure a business transaction based on the status code returned by a particular method. In this case, a return value of 0 is a success, and non-zero values are considered errors. I am trying to configure an incident that will trigger an alert if 2% or more of these transactions return an error status code within a 15 minute evaluation timeframe.

I am able to configure this using the overall count of the number of errors (I have a result measure configured to increment each time a non-zero status is encountered) but am not sure if there is a way to use the percentage of these transactions to trigger the incident/alert.



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I havent tried this but here is a thought - let me know if you can give this a try and whether this works.

If you have the Number of Errors you could use this as your Incident Condition. For Aggregation you can use "Avg" and as the threshold you would specify 0.02. If you set the evaluation timeframe to 15 minutes then dynatrace should be able to calculate the Average Error Rate within 15 minutes. The average should be calculated by the sum of error count / number of PurePaths that contribute to that measure. If that average value is above 0.02 it means you have more than 2% failed transactions

A better solution for this would be if we would allow you to define a custom error rule such as "mark purepath as failed" if this measure exceeds a certain threshold. In this case you could use the Failed Transaction % Measure that we automatically calculate. I think there is an RFE for this already logged.

But - please give my suggestion a try. I am not sure if it works but it sounds like it could work